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MusiPlug Monday: Boo Lee Crosser

Boo Lee Crosser is a musician and songwriter that I first met during my time in Bowling Green, Ohio. The talented folk singer has mixed in his punk rock roots to create a sound that is uniquely Boo Lee. He is as committed to his craft as any and over the years of knowing him and making music together I am happy to call him a friend. Luckily for everyone, Boo Lee Crosser's music is highly accessible and can be found across all streaming platforms. Once all of this quarantine and COVID stuff is over I can't recommend seeing Boo Lee Crosser live solo or with his band Freight Street enough! Check out our Q&A below to better know the man behind the music! Q: I’ve seen you play a multitude of guit

Summer Snow: Spirit of the Bear

With all of the inconsistencies the dawn of the new decade has brought a summer snowstorm would not be too hard to fathom. Enter Spirit Of The Bear, a Columbus indie/pop quintet ready to release their first single in over a year. “Summer Snow” is a disco/pop jam full of sultry grooves that will have you jamming on your first listen and then persuade you to take a sojourn into the woods to re-acclimatize yourself with what matters most on your next listen. “Summer Snow” was accumulated during an eight day writing excursion resulting in a catchy song that explores themes of spiritual growth, a yearning to return to nature and a blow to the ego reminding oneself what’s most important. Contin

MusiPlug Monday: The Fifth House

The Fifth House started out as sibling jams between Julia and Wes Crow growing up. Eventually the brother and sister duo added Brandon Clarkson on keys and guitar to round out the sound of the three-piece rock and roll band from Cleveland, Ohio. With an album, an EP, and some new singles released the group has plenty of original music to listen to on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Their EP “Too Many Dreams” was recorded at Cleveland’s Superior Sound Studios with legendary platinum Producer Jim Wirt. Check out or first run of the weekly Musiplug Q&A and get to know The Fifth House! Photo: Mick Martinez Q: Who/what inspires The Fifth House musically? Julia: "It's a big mix of

Happy 4th?

Today is a day of celebration in the United States. A day of family barbecues and gratuitous firework displays. In a non COVID-19 world there's some baseball games thrown in there too, but this is all in the name of our nation's independence and honoring those who laid down their lives in the defense of it. While we should honor those men and women we should also remember that they were not (and are not) all treated equally. For example, some came home from war to open arms, others returned to segregation. While we have moved past segregation and should be proud of the many freedoms and steps forward we have taken in this country we must acknowledge that there is work yet to be done. Racial




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