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Hashslingin' Blues - Francesca Brown

Photo: Eric Austin Savoy Every life has storms to weather, and Idyllwild, CA singer songwriter Francesca Brown is no exception. By using past hardships to make relatable songs, Brown excels at recreating the old-timey country sounds many Americans know and love while simultaneously modernizing things by incorporating some west coast sensibilities. “Hashslingin’ Blues” is the type of single to listen to while sipping a beer on a beach somewhere or in a dusty old saloon. Regardless of your preferred location, this song is definitely one for drinking (or smoking some cali chronic as this song suggests) your problems away to. For me, a key factor in a good song is relatability. Through the twang

5 Releases I'm Looking Forward to in February

It's still the start of a new decade of music, here's what I'm looking forward to this month! "Honeymoon" - Beach Bunny Lili Trifilio first garnered attention for her music with Beach Bunny's debut EP, "Pool Party" in 2016. By 2018's "Prom Queen" Beach Bunny's indie pop vibes were capturing the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans and catapulted them to the top of the indie scene. The hype for the band's first full length is real and justified. Beach Bunny just dropped their latest single "Promises" today and the full "Honeymoon" LP is out next week! Release date: 2/14/20 "Stop Staring at the Shadows" - $uicideboy$ I've been listening to $uicideboy$ for a few years now and the new singles

New Jersey Punk Rockers, The 65's, Are Back With Single Never Say Never

New Jersey punk rock veterans The 65’s are back with the single “Never Say Never” the lead off track from their newest E.P. of the same name. Crafting lean and mean power pop since 2009 the 65’s have mastered a sound that is upbeat, catchy and at times chaotic. Not quite too punk and not quite too pop, “Never Say Never” is the self-reflective and fast-paced song you need to hear to start your week off right. Lone guitars playing distorted and bright chords lead in the new single before bombastic snare hits and jangly guitar riffs interrupt the relatively peaceful moment. It’s a pretty dynamic that suggests dissonance and inevitable chaos is afoot and could possibly break loose at any insta

PA Singer-Songwriter Tom Paul Brings New Tunes to Life

Photo by Dave Albrecht Pennsylvania singer-songwriter Tom Paul has resurfaced to the self-releasing internet music world with his latest batch of tunes It’s Only Tuesday. What began as several years worth of nearly 30 demos has been honed down to 13 well-written tracks. The album was recorded with the help of some impressive musicians and is a finely produced listening experience that covers a plethora of genres from Americana to Alternative Rock, folk and pop. “It’s only Tuesday” the main hook of the title track and album may be one of the central themes of Paul’s latest. Lyrically, the opening song is a voyeuristic look at the people in the street, trying to get by, fighting to get thro




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