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Experimental Rockers 'The Missing Field' Are A Band to Watch

Erie, Pa based instrumental, experimental-rock trio The Missing Field are creating kaleidoscopic, spacey and psychedelic textures in the sonic landscape of acts like Bardo Pond, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, King Crimson, Hammock, This Will Destroy You and The Doors when jamming to their headiest. The project is the brainchild of guitarist Scott McGrath with drummer Michael Milk and synth/bass player Mike Kemp joining him. The Missing Field’s first release, 2018’s Dreams Cannot Stand This Test, is a sublime and cinematic exploration of space and sonic texture. Evolving into something epic, the album clocks in at one hour and fifteen minutes and is a stellar listen for long, out of body drives and

Etai Releases Debut, 'Bloodletting' via Blue Salt Records

(Photo: Tom Waterworth) Bloodletting, the withdrawal of blood to prevent or cure disease is a radical and mostly archaic medical procedure that is only used in extreme circumstance today. It’s also the name of Baltimore based singer-songwriter Etai Fuchs’ debut album. Fuchs who writes and records under the moniker Etai is releasing Bloodletting through Blue Salt Records with a limited run of cassettes as well as a digital release. The mostly acoustic album draws heavily from lo-fi artists like Phil Elverum, early Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear and Frankie Cosmos whom Etai covers with the closing song ‘Tunnel.’ Etai muses that “this collection consists of some of my most personal songs

Alien Punk Journal: Blending the Old With the New

“Alien Punk Journal” the first full-length release from Hopewell, New Jersey singer-songwriter Tony Lio is an epic, dreamy and bombastic journey through time and space. Drawing upon influences like early Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden and Elvis Costello, Lio’s debut album is a futuristic blast from the past with nay an electronic instrument and is a refreshing dive into recorded sound. Kicking off with an energetic Beastie Boys-esque a capella passage, Lio waste’s no time bringing the energy with ‘Omega Bomb Bomb’ a rocking number that brings to mind the heavier moments of Elliott Smith’s catalog. The guitar heavy track is drooling with alt-country inspired licks and wide, thundering




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