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Props to "Property of Pigeons" - The latest Short Fictions Release

Photo by Owen Lehman Yooooooo, Short Fiction’s-Pittsburgh’s hardest workin’ and twerkin’ indie/gaze/core/emo(do kids still call bands EmO??)-newest single “Property Of Pigeons” is out and about like the emotions it hurtles at you upon the uppitys and the downsys of like every day in September. This song feels like that awkward but nice malaise fall gets to where it’s not really warm anymore but it’s also not really cold yet and some days suck but they’re not terrible and other days are fun but they’re not like, summer, I guess, right Michael? What’s really striking about the song though is the consistent dynamic throughout in that it’s sort of inconsistently dynamic. The song comes in hot

Get Spicy, with Moon Cactus

Crack open a nice can of spritz (? What the hell is spritz?) And drink down the newest single, “Spicy Water” from Cleveland multi-instrumentalist Connor Mancini also known as Moon Cactus. Like cracking open a nice can of seltzer the song explodes into an array of sensations as guitar riffs, a hum-tastic bass line and Mancini’s signature trumpet riffs invite your palette to a tasteful sonic arrangement. “I wanna pop your tab, make you bubble up” Mancini sings in the first verse amidst other soda infused puns and euphemisms. What I’m saying is that lyrically and musically this song is ridiculously fun and brings to mind the lyrical word play of 60’s era singer-songwriters, what with their h

Sadder Than U

Teamonade, fresh out of the Bowling Green DIY community, is making waves across the country by doing things differently. Teamonade is definitely a pop punk and rock & roll type band, but they bring so much diversity to their sound that they stand out among their peers. The trio featuring frontwoman Osi Okoro on guitar/vox, TJ Parker on bass, and Ryan Gongaware on drums just released an impressive new single and video today that warrants a view and a listen. "Sadder Than U" may only be Teamonade's 6th released song to date, but the songwriting talent is still evident. The band's discography is made up of one eclectic jam after another and "Sadder Than U" is no exception to this trend. For me

Laziness in the Modern Age

Although "Laziness" is in the title of their new song, Tunnel Songs have been anything but lazy. Yesterday saw the release of "Laziness in the Modern Age," an energetic and catchy emo/pop punk bop that I've listened to dozens of times over the past couple weeks. The band has been hard at work, recording new songs with platinum producer Jim Wirt and adding new members Eric Heald and Jacob Stephens, two talented veterans of the scene. I just saw the trio at CODA Tremont October 24th and they sound just as fantastic live as they do on recording. "Laziness in the Modern Age" starts with crisp distorted guitar and quickly builds to an anthem of the lazy "I do not want to do anything...I'll just




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