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Jams For Your Weekend: Mark Dylan, Benji Katz, & Tree No Leaves

The past couple of months have seen a lot of new music releases with roots tracing back to Bowling Green, Ohio. Mark Dylan, a graduate of Bowling Green State University released his debut EP "Loft Sessions" in August. Benji Katz, a recent BGSU student who completed his masters in Creative Writing released a debut EP as well titled "Swarm Sounds." Bowling Green local jam band Tree No Leaves released a new LP "Prophet Holographic". All three of these releases are unique and awesome, so dive in before Yandhi drops! Mark Dylan: Loft Sessions Mark Dylan's debut features his strong songwriting and guitar skills in a fun and innovative way. As suggested by the title, the six track EP was recor

Sacred Harvest Festival: Fun at the Poe Road Music Sanctuary

Sacred Harvest Music Festival is an intimate, home grown festival featuring a ton of great bands and vendors from the Midwest. Tucked away in the corn fields of Grand Rapids, Ohio the festival indeed feels "sacred" and exclusive. Held this past weekend (Sept. 7-8) dozens of music fans came out despite the weather to support the 20+ bands playing the bill. Patrons were encouraged to park and camp overnight at the property, a space now called the Poe Road Music Sanctuary. The Poe Road Music Sanctuary is a beautiful place. The festival grounds is surrounded by corn and trees which really gives the festival an intimate vibe. The ground also serves as a natural amphitheater. The ground in f




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