The music we listen to greatly depends on our current moods and feelings.  Sorry y'all, cold rainy nights and the newest Lil Pump "banger" aren't always the best mix.  Luckily for you I've created some custom playlists for all of your ups, downs, and activities.  Picks range from current top artists to the virtually unknown.  Follow for updates and enjoy!

A playlist featuring some of the musicians I have interviewed and many more.

All of my top 2017 album picks in one place!  Get acquainted.

Looking for the soundtrack to your summer adventure?  A car full of friends, an open road, and some good weather are all you need to complete this playlist

Perfect for both the passive and active listener these relaxing jazz favorites will get your foot tapping. 

Dismal rainy day?  Here are some songs to fit the stormy weather vibe.

Music I have been listening to a lot.  Multi-genre and updated frequently.  My goal is to have a playlist I can listen to without ever wanting to skip a song.

Having a party?  Pre-gaming before a big night out?  Then this playlist is for you!



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