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Tree No Leaves: The Eyes of Xylem

Storied Bowling Green, OH psychedelic rock band, Tree No Leaves, is back with another LP. Recorded while the band was hunkered down at home during the pandemic, The Eyes of Xylem is full of different sounds and textures from start to finish. It's a great "close your eyes and vibe" type listen. Beginning with the soft, enveloping sounds of "20/20", The Eyes of Xylem takes listeners on a far-out musical journey ending with the sharp and heavy instrumental track "Flight of the Carpentarius." Brimming with reverb-soaked saxophone, a vast array of percussion instruments, and tasteful vocal effects, Tree No Leaves' latest album comes with a revamped lineup and sound. While the band's members and sound have varied over the years, Tree No Leaves consistently releases exciting and enjoyable new music time and time again.

Self-recorded at the band's home studio and largely mixed and mastered by its members, The Eyes of Xylem is a high-flying DIY release that sets an example for other musical acts in the region. The Eyes of Xylem is available for stream on all platforms today, but head over to the Tree No Leaves Bandcamp page for the LP's full experience. On Bandcamp, you'll find an available 7" vinyl record that will take your listening experience to the next level. Featuring four of the LP's tracks (Side A: New Wave Cocktail / Eerie City - Side B: The Elephant In The Room / Visionary Canary), the 7" also comes with a vivid, full-color graphic novel showcasing the talents of Toledo artist Andy Thomas. It's an all-out effort that successfully builds a world around the music.

Staying true to their live-jam performance roots, Tree No Leaves has additionally released live versions of all the tracks. Accompanied by video footage to be released next week, the live session was shot and recorded at the legendary Howard's Club H in downtown Bowling Green. Be sure to check out The Eyes of Xylem wherever you listen to music, and purchase their collectable 7" if you can!

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