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The Year in Your Ears: A Review of The Album 2022 by Mark Dylan

If chameleons could sing, they’d sound a lot like Mark Dylan. His full-length debut, The

Album 2022, glides from pop-punk anthems and dad-rock riffs to pantie-dropping R&B slow jams

without ever losing track of the task at hand—making us tap our feet.

This eclectic collection of songs maintains a sense of cohesion that could only come from a

singular vision. When asked about his acrobatic approach to songwriting, Dylan explained, “I think

of it as stealing vibes. Whether it be just the tempo even. I’ll pick out a dance track and write a song

just based on that tempo.”

His uncanny ability to mine elements from a variety of influences results in songs that fulfill

the listener’s expectations just in time to raise the bar for new ones. Hook-laden pop tunes like

“Cookin in the Kitchen” and “take u on vacation” carve a place for themselves on the Top-40

charts while introspective songs like “Drained” and “idontdowellalone” ground the album with a

humanity that helps to weave a complete portrait of Dylan as a songwriter.

That sonic tapestry is bolstered by his ever-adaptive skills as a multi-instrumentalist. While

he certainly shines as a guitarist, Dylan’s primary instrument has no issue sharing the spotlight with

incredibly catchy basslines and tasteful keyboard parts throughout the album.

The project is a product of a close collaboration with engineer/producer Tom Diognardi.

The 2 share a chemistry that serves Dylan’s songs with the polished production of modern pop

music and the artful arrangements of timeless classics.

This Swiss-Army-Knife knack for accompaniment lays the bedrock for soaring vocal

performances that are as emotive as they are impressive. Dylan’s Meryl Streep-like range enables him

to take on melodic leaps with ease while supple harmonies jot his signature all over the album.

Dylan explained, “Everyone’s voice is so unique. No one could recreate your voice. If I can

find new ways to incorporate that, it’s just going to sound even more like me.” This affinity for

background vocals is apparent across the LP, with subtle “oohs” and “ahhs” serving as an integral

texture on almost every tune.

Arriving at the perfect time of year, The Album 2022 is dripping with summer-pop

sensibilities that will leave these songs wedged in your head like the umbrella in your 3rd poolside

piña colada. Whether you’re a 27-year-old searching for the next Charlie Puth or a baby boomer

longing for the days when rock stars rode 6 strings to glory, you’ll find something to love in Mark

Dylan’s music. Give it a spin and let the calendar carry you away.

Listen now!

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