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Mikey Dam: Time

Republic Record's Pop/R&B artist Mikey Dam's latest heartwarming single, "Time," will get your foot tapping and your mind working. Every time I listen to "Time," without fail, my thoughts go straight to my family and all of the memories we've shared. After watching the accompanying video and listening more to the lyrics of the song, I think that's precisely what Mikey Dam is trying to evoke. "Time" is expertly crafted around a solid acoustic guitar foundation that builds slowly throughout the song. As "Time" plays, the simple guitar and freestyle-esque vocals are complemented by a minimalist drum beat with heartfelt group vocals for the last chorus acting as the cherry on top. The New Zealand singer-songwriter wrote "Time" in one sitting as an act of reflection on his big move from his small hometown to one of the country's biggest cities to pursue his dreams. Time is universal, we all experience it, and once a moment passes we can't get it back. That's why when it passes, and we aren't with the ones who mean the most us, we find ourselves wishing we had more or could turn back the clock. If you're having a tough day, or need your spirits uplifted, check out Mikey Dam's new song "Time" and its accompanying video. You will enjoy both the song and the feelings and thoughts of family that come with it.

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