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Fiery B - Estella Dawn

New Zealand born songwriter Estella Dawn has just released her 10th single of 2020. "Fiery B," a charming new Indie Pop jam, features Estella's vocal prowess and catchy melody making skills. The song starts off with an uplifting chord progression and goes on to tell a story of Estella's split-personality. A warning of what will happen if she's pushed too far, the highs and lows of "Fiery B" play like the songwriter's emotions, soft and subtle at times then roaring with passion again in an instant. Estella Dawn is here to say if you test her fiery side, you're going to pay the consequences, and that's on YOU. I personally love the ascending vocal hook harmonies before the chorus "I don't know, I don't know, I don't..." It leads up to the chorus nicely and really ties the song together. Fans of artists like Doja Cat and BeBe Rexha will enjoy "Fiery B" and the rest of Estella's releases. Check out Estella Dawn's discography wherever you listen to music and, let her songs light a fire up under your soul!

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