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Day Lee's 4RealTho ft. PnB Rock

New York Trap&B star, Day Lee, exudes the 1970s aesthetic through his new "4RealTho" music video. Using boisterous floral wallpaper, record players, and film crackle edits, Day Lee takes us on a nostalgic visual journey to the past. "4RealTho" is a free and easy banger with the warmth emanating from this song and video combo being exactly what we need at this time of year. Day Lee's breezy flow is met in stride by PnB Rock who's additional melodic prowess adds the cherry on top.

The Republic Records artist's "4RealTho" video comes packaged with something even bigger. The Way Of Vol. 2, Day Lee's eleven-track EP, just dropped Oct. 30th, and it's a great listen from start to finish. Day Lee expertly weaves his vocal melodies from beat to beat alongside additional features from Stunna Gambino and Ayzha Nyree. Inspired by Bruce Lee's determination and philosophy, Day Lee has quickly risen to prominence by emulating Bruce's work ethic with his music. With skills like these, Day Lee will continue to rise to new heights. Whether you're looking for a beat to get your head nodding or a cool video to throw up during the rolling sesh, you don't want to sleep on Day Lee.

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