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Brick Nova and their Impressive Self-Titled LP

Philadelphia power-pop quartet Brick Nova has just released their 3rd LP, a self-titled, 14 track odyssey drawing influence from 70’s glam rock acts like Big Star to the modern slacker rock sounds of Sandy Alex G and just about anything Stephen Malkmus has ever put his prolific name on. The young band has played extensively around the greater Philadelphia area and their latest release is their most refined, mature effort to date.

Brick Nova released four singles with 2 of those songs sporting music videos leading up to the album’s release. Each song gave a different feel for what was to come. The cheery “In The Morning” brings heavy Big Star vibes and could be considered as the theme song for a modern reboot of That 70s Show. Songs like “City Girl” have a ‘Rolling Stones’ party feel. “Left my home for the city, sold my soul for a bottle of Jack” lead singer Tom Drakeford sings in his flattering Mick Jagger impression. However, it’s not all fun and games as both the song “Hold” and single “Terrified” show the band’s introspection and insecurities. With an album that is double the length of most modern releases, Brick Nova has covered quite a bit of sonic territory and are sure to have a number of songs on their self titled that’ll catch your attention!

The band has stuck it out for 6 years and has been constantly improving along the way. Despite different members going off to college and working various jobs the group has endured. And all things considered, them being in the middle of a pandemic they’ve pulled together to release their best album yet. Good things always come to those that are persistent and hard-working and with a talented group of artists like this the sky is the limit!

Brick Nova

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