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MusiPlug Monday: Boo Lee Crosser

Boo Lee Crosser is a musician and songwriter that I first met during my time in Bowling Green, Ohio. The talented folk singer has mixed in his punk rock roots to create a sound that is uniquely Boo Lee. He is as committed to his craft as any and over the years of knowing him and making music together I am happy to call him a friend. Luckily for everyone, Boo Lee Crosser's music is highly accessible and can be found across all streaming platforms. Once all of this quarantine and COVID stuff is over I can't recommend seeing Boo Lee Crosser live solo or with his band Freight Street enough! Check out our Q&A below to better know the man behind the music!

Q: I’ve seen you play a multitude of guitars and other stringed instruments, do you have a favorite?

Boo Lee Crosser: "Yeah I have about 10 different guitars, mandolins, and even a mandocello. I would say my favorite depends on whatever I'm playing, but the most reliable instrument is my Seagull acoustic. I always tell myself that if I have one last song to play, it'll be on the Seagull."

Q: Solo gigs or band gigs? Can you choose? What is the best about each one?

Boo Lee Crosser: "I think it's really hard to choose between solo gigs and band gigs. They both come with their pros and cons. On the one hand, playing by yourself can serve as a form of escapism and allow you to do whatever you want in that moment regardless of what you've prepared or practiced. However it can become very lonely solo and sometimes difficult to create alone. I've heard playing in a band described as taking the musical language you know and actually having a conversation with it, rather than talking to yourself. I totally agree with this. The band gigs bring a whole different energy and allow you to experience music in a wholesome and joyous sort of way. I've had a lot of sad/morose solo gigs, but bands gigs are always fun."

Q: What is the furthest you’ve driven for a show in one day/night?

Boo Lee Crosser: "I've driven up 6 hours away for a show before, while also having driven 3 hours away and back home in one night. Don't know how much longer I'll be doing the latter."

Q: How have you been staying sane during quarantine? How have you made up for lack of live music and opportunities to perform?

Boo Lee Crosser: "I got laid off from day job in March. It was really hard, but now I fill my days with reading and practicing. I write from time to time and have taken up hobbies like gardening. I also attempt to focus on legitimately studying my instrument. I go over scales in my room and play to backing tracks for hours. Whenever I return to playing live I wouldn't mind coming across an opportunity to play in a group as a more supporting role. It would be a great experience to not be a front man."

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