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Summer Snow: Spirit of the Bear

With all of the inconsistencies the dawn of the new decade has brought a summer snowstorm would not be too hard to fathom. Enter Spirit Of The Bear, a Columbus indie/pop quintet ready to release their first single in over a year. “Summer Snow” is a disco/pop jam full of sultry grooves that will have you jamming on your first listen and then persuade you to take a sojourn into the woods to re-acclimatize yourself with what matters most on your next listen.

“Summer Snow” was accumulated during an eight day writing excursion resulting in a catchy song that explores themes of spiritual growth, a yearning to return to nature and a blow to the ego reminding oneself what’s most important. Continuing the aesthetic of blending juxtaposing forces the video eases in and out of a vintage, 8 millimeter style video format and modern imagery of five band dudes hanging out. The band’s chemistry is on full display and showcases five cool people that are easygoing and chill enough that you’d wanna hang out with them. It’s not hard to see that the band formed while the members were still in high school and their sound seamlessly ebbs and flows through genre specific idiosyncrasies with expert precision and the congruence of five people who’ve known each other for several years. On top of their excellent and professional body of studio recordings, Spirit of the Bear has a tremendous history of live performances under their belt and have played with prominent indie bands like Judah and the Lion, Ra Ra Riot, Smallpools, Robert Delong, Welshly Arms and a plethora of shows throughout the Midwest.

Coming out just in time to keep the summer heat at bay, “Summer Snow” will be sure to have you grooving and moving as well as pondering bigger picture issues. Stream the new single on any platform of your choice and don't forget to check out the video on YouTube!

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