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Pre-Save Mark Dylan's Upcoming Single, "Drained"

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Mark Dylan is back with another single! "Drained" is set to release this Friday, June 26, and is a song that is dripping with raw emotion. While you can't listen to the new summer jam quite yet, Mark is running a pre-save campaign through Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. Save the song in advance so you can listen wherever you are the moment it comes out!

I first met Mark in college at Bowling Green State University. We both were studying music and eventually ended up playing in a band together. Since our days playing college house shows in Ohio, Mark has moved to New York City and become an important part of the Brooklyn scene. Over the past couple of years Dylan has been playing shows with his new band, co-writing songs, and working as a studio musician. For this release Dylan worked closely with audio engineer and producer Thomas Diognardi of Twilight Audio for a truly pristine product.

For many people, especially young ones like myself, 2020 is one of the most trying years of our lifetime. It's only June and the world has already seen so much - a global pandemic, lock-downs, and mass protests against injustice. It is a lot to take in and given the nature of these problems there isn't a whole lot people can do to alleviate them. After dealing with these stresses and injustices it is hard not to

feel drained and empty inside. All of these things weighing on society make now a great time for Mark Dylan's latest single "Drained."

"Drained" is beautifully arranged and an invigorating song for times like these. The song starts out with some soft washy guitar before introducing Dylan's vocals and the message of the song. "Drained" comes from a time of uncertainty in Marks life as he struggled through un-diagnosed Crohn's disease. Having no answers to a problem can be difficult, but Mark has always had a positive mindset and a strong work ethic that has helped him keep some forward momentum. "I've been drained again, but you'll never take the life out of me" Dylan sings. The passing seconds of the song bring with it a gradual crescendo, adding instruments along the way until the drums come in and lead up to one hell of a guitar solo. The emotion across the single brings to mind songs like the ones that can be found on the War on Drugs' "A Deeper Understanding." There's a certain grandness to "Drained" that can't be properly explained through text, so you will just have to listen to it for yourself this Friday!

Please support Mark's upcoming single "Drained" by pre-saving it on Spotify iTunes, or Google Play! Saves can do a lot to influence the algorithms on a song so go and support this great artist.

While you're waiting for the new jam Mark Dylan has plenty of other songs available for stream on all platforms. Check 'em out!

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