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Benji Katz - Know More Tomorrow

One thing I've noticed with solo artists (and as a solo artist myself) is that it generally takes a little time to settle into the sound. With his latest single "Know More Tomorrow" Benji Katz has done just that. "Know More Tomorrow" is a smooth, thought provoking song showcasing Katz's talent for filling sonic space with primarily bass guitar.

Katz's sound and capabilities on bass are a refreshing opposite of the role typically played by bass players. In addition to walking a bass line Benji also plays chords and backing melodies on his five string Carvin. Mixed with smooth, lightly auto-tuned vocals the timbre of the music fits the lyrics perfectly, soft and full of thought.

Anyone who has been in a romantic relationship that has ended any other way than marriage will instantly relate. Katz's pain from his own romantic exploits is apparent. "For all I know, I never got to know her at all..." "For all I know she's happy now, and pretends that I'm deceased." Getting over someone is tough, in an age of social media where communication is so easy the sudden cut off of a breakup stings all the more. When you go from spending all hours of the day thinking about someone to not even being able to talk at all it really does seem like death. Katz does a great job tying all of the feelings together into "Know More Tomorrow."

The track was produced and mixed by DC McCrimmon and is available for stream everywhere.

Be sure to follow Benji on Facebook and keep an eye out for the upcoming lyric video!

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