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Honoring Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

Half-way through 2020 and the year has forever become marred by tragic death around the world. Even worse, in the United States the recent murder of George Floyd has reminded us of the injustices African Americans endure on a daily basis in the United States. These continued injustices have sparked nationwide protests against police brutality toward African Americans, demanding change and accountability.

As a white musician writing and performing music that is influenced by black culture, I’d like to dedicate seven straight days of posts honoring some of the black musicians who have inspired me the most.

For day six I am honoring another trumpet player, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. I don't have a deep of a backstory with this one but Christian Scott is one of the biggest and baddest trumpeters out there today. Scott is one of many jazz musicians like Robert Glasper working to meld the sounds of jazz and hip hop together. It is a really cool experimentation where Scott showcases his depth of musical knowledge as well as his prowess on the horn. Christian Scott can do it all, high notes, fast notes, slow beautiful melodies. It is all pristine and I have to say, as a trumpet player I would love to be as skilled on the instrument. On top of his playing Scott is also known for his exotic custom instruments.

When I was playing lead trumpet in Jazz Lab at BGSU Christian Scott was working on an awesome trilogy of albums focusing on a modern take of jazz. Scott also takes much needed political stances with his music, naming tracks after political happenings an issues as a way to raise awareness of the injustices African Americans and immigrants face in America. The three albums are called "Ruler Rebel," "Diaspora," and "The Emancipation Procrastination." If you have never really listened to jazz before this is a great place to start. The modern elements make it a lot more relatable and listenable for some not as used to music as sophisticated as jazz. But don't get me wrong, all of these releases pack one hell of a musical punch. Check them all out in this playlist!

To donate to help the protests against police brutality check out this great Rolling Stones article!

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