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Rags and Riches Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine With New Single 'Blood Runs Cold'

Brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt are making sound waves as the Lexington, KY pop rock duo released their latest single "Blood Runs Cold" on April 24th. Over the past couple of years the talented brothers have accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams while touring the U.S.

'Blood Runs Cold' is rock and roll with a twist! While their latest track is less rock oriented than past releases the Whitt brothers may be on to something. Typical rock instruments like guitar and bass guitar take the back seat to feature a more modern electronic sound akin to bands like The Chainsmokers and Panic! at the Disco. Instead of pounding rhythmic guitar 'Blood Runs Cold' is driven by synthesized sounds, samples, and Tanner Whitts powerful vocals. The single also stays interesting from start to finish with a really nice break down/build up type section in the middle featuring a catchy and heart felt refrain. "Two left feet can adopt the beat" Tanner repeats, in a way saying anything is possible. Since mankind's creation we have been making due with what we have and adapted to sometimes extreme circumstances. Somehow through it all we have, as a species, "lived to fight another day." As we continue to battle through COVID-19 and social distancing Rags and Riches feel 'Blood Runs Cold' to be especially empowering.

"Blood Runs Cold is something we have been working on for quite some time, but it couldn't have been more relevant for the times we are living in..." shares Tanner who goes on to explain the song is "...written from a teenager's perspective who can't seem to fit in anywhere. They find their niche and stand out by being who they are."

While 'Blood Runs Cold' has yet to appear on Spotify you can stream Rags and Riches' latest jam on any of the sites listed here.

Be sure to check out the Rags and Riches website as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated on post-corona happenings!

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