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Listen to "Patience" off of Barb Carbon's Debut LP

With 20 years of writing, travelling and performing under her restless belt, Atlanta folk-pop, singer-songwriter Barb Carbon certainly has a great deal of patience. Carbon finally put those many years of experience to pen and released her first solo album, The Fighter, in 2019. The album is an eclectic blend of self-reflection, interesting characters and an internal battle for self-acceptance.

The single “Patience” comes at the latter end of The Fighter and sounds like a lesson the songwriter attained after years of yearning something that she never needed in the first place. “Patience” kicks off slowly with a filtered intro that almost sounds like it’s about to break out into an EDM song. That intro quickly crescendos into an upbeat, pop jam with a strong resemblance to a Brandi Carlisle radio hit. A twangy guitar lick mimics Carbon’s vocal tag as if she’s isolated in her own echo chamber, calling out to herself before she admits “all this time alone had brought me back to myself.”

With the song’s progression comes Carbon’s realizations and by the chorus we find she’s figured out that “patience is a virtue, one I learned a little, babe.” The song then goes to half time as she sings “it took a little time to find someone who’s worth the wait” a fitting musical passage to accompany the mood of the lyrics as the listener takes a beat to breathe in the song itself in a short reverie of patience.

“Patience” is a great travelling song. Perfect for when you’ve got the window seat on a long train ride or waiting to board a flight. It could also work as an at home song and give that extra push to get anyone out of a rut they just can’t seem to burrow out of, an optimistic and catchy reminder that whatever is holding you back will pass.

All of Barb Carbon's music can be found on your streaming platform of choice, but you can listen on Spotify here.

Visit Carbon's website, Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp for more information and to stay updated on what's hip in the world of Barb Carbon!

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