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Hashslingin' Blues - Francesca Brown

Photo: Eric Austin Savoy

Every life has storms to weather, and Idyllwild, CA singer songwriter Francesca Brown is no exception. By using past hardships to make relatable songs, Brown excels at recreating the old-timey country sounds many Americans know and love while simultaneously modernizing things by incorporating some west coast sensibilities. “Hashslingin’ Blues” is the type of single to listen to while sipping a beer on a beach somewhere or in a dusty old saloon. Regardless of your preferred location, this song is definitely one for drinking (or smoking some cali chronic as this song suggests) your problems away to.

For me, a key factor in a good song is relatability. Through the twangy guitar and vocals I find a message that I know a lot of people (especially young people) in America can relate to. Whether you’ve worked in a restaurant or any other less-than-fulfilling line of work, there’s bound to have been more than a few days of watching the clock, begging God for time to go by just a little bit faster. You tell yourself "this is the last time!" but inevitably end up doing it again. It sucks, but we rationalize it as doing whatever it takes to support ourselves and our dreams of grander things. As Brown articulates, this is a struggle she knows far too well as she grits her teeth in hopes of a sunnier tomorrow on the horizon.

Hashslingin Blues” is available for stream on all platforms and was released on December 20th 2019. The single is also accompanied by a music video (1/4/20) that showcases some of the stunning views to be had in California. I encourage you to follow Francesca on social media, and for the Cali readers, keep an eye out for Francesca Brown on a marquee near you!




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