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5 Releases I'm Looking Forward to in February

It's still the start of a new decade of music, here's what I'm looking forward to this month!

"Honeymoon" - Beach Bunny

Lili Trifilio first garnered attention for her music with Beach Bunny's debut EP, "Pool Party" in 2016. By 2018's "Prom Queen" Beach Bunny's indie pop vibes were capturing the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans and catapulted them to the top of the indie scene. The hype for the band's first full length is real and justified. Beach Bunny just dropped their latest single "Promises" today and the full "Honeymoon" LP is out next week!

Release date: 2/14/20

"Stop Staring at the Shadows" - $uicideboy$

I've been listening to $uicideboy$ for a few years now and the new singles are dope, but nothing could make me more excited for this upcoming release than seeing their Cleveland show on the last tour. These guys are incredibly hard working and have constantly been churning out quality content while keeping up a consistent touring schedule. Props. "Stop Staring at the Shadows" is due next week!

Release date: 2/14/20

"The Main Thing" - Real Estate

The first single Real Estate put out to promote the release of their 4th LP has me intrigued for what's to come. "Paper Cup" ft Sylvann Esso has a lot more groove and funk elements than I would have expected. This is not a bad thing. My only question is, is this a hip new direction for the band, or just a jem of a single? "The Main Thing" is just a few weeks away!

Release date: 2/28/20

"Man Alive" - King Krule

It's hard to believe it's been three years since King Krules last album. The two leading singles have me excited for more of the English songwriter's signature experimental sound. A lot of the sounds King Krule uses are out-there, but the sonic landscaping of the music makes it incredibly easy to digest all that is going on. I've got a long drive planned in early March and already know I'll be jamming this album.

Release date: 2/21/20

"The Slow Rush" - Tame Impala

After 2015's hit album "Currents" who isn't excited for the new Tame Impala record? Kevin Parker has spent the past five years writing songs for a number of artists, thank God we are finally getting another Tame Impala project. So far the new single "Lost in Yesterday" has done absolutely nothing to dissuade my hype train. Yet another amazing release to look forward to next week!

Release date: 2/14/20

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