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New Jersey Punk Rockers, The 65's, Are Back With Single Never Say Never

New Jersey punk rock veterans The 65’s are back with the single “Never Say Never” the lead off track from their newest E.P. of the same name. Crafting lean and mean power pop since 2009 the 65’s have mastered a sound that is upbeat, catchy and at times chaotic. Not quite too punk and not quite too pop, “Never Say Never” is the self-reflective and fast-paced song you need to hear to start your week off right.

Lone guitars playing distorted and bright chords lead in the new single before bombastic snare hits and jangly guitar riffs interrupt the relatively peaceful moment. It’s a pretty dynamic that suggests dissonance and inevitable chaos is afoot and could possibly break loose at any instant creating balance of beauty and brute force that give it a touch of sarcasm. “Never was my way and I’m trying to get back” lead singer John Pugsley’s scratchy vocal let’s us know in a tone that suggests this admittance wasn’t easy. The 65’s continue to fill up their high energy and sonic space before a slight break and regrouping for one last chorus where John admits that he’s “in too deep now.”

Clocking in at 2 and a half minutes, “Never Say Never” is the perfect introductory song to a band that has a rich, DIY history. Listen to it on your commute or after work when you don’t feel like doing anything but you know you’ve got to. The 65’s introspective lyrics and driving music will put you in the right headspace to get through whatever it is that’s holding you back.

If you like the song, be sure to follow the band on Spotify and social media because the full EP "Never Say Never" is due out February 28th and you won't want to miss it!






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