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PA Singer-Songwriter Tom Paul Brings New Tunes to Life

Photo by Dave Albrecht

Pennsylvania singer-songwriter Tom Paul has resurfaced to the self-releasing internet music world with his latest batch of tunes It’s Only Tuesday. What began as several years worth of nearly 30 demos has been honed down to 13 well-written tracks. The album was recorded with the help of some impressive musicians and is a finely produced listening experience that covers a plethora of genres from Americana to Alternative Rock, folk and pop.

“It’s only Tuesday” the main hook of the title track and album may be one of the central themes of Paul’s latest. Lyrically, the opening song is a voyeuristic look at the people in the street, trying to get by, fighting to get through the week and make it to the weekend. Tom Paul’s voice sounds like a healthy Tom Petty with a slight presence of a twang and plenty of confidence in the delivery. “Hey pops, you okay?” Paul sings, perhaps acknowledging his age or maybe he’s checking on someone else.

One of the standout tracks on the album is the acoustic “I’m Gonna Miss You” a slowed down ballad that finds Paul talking to himself through “wind and dust and time.” The hook, though brief, will haunt your sub-conscious like memories of a lost companion. The slight presence of an organ creeps around the mix and accentuates certain phrases to give the song a slightly humorous and campy feel. Ultimately this is a coping mechanism but sheds light on Paul’s personality which is what great music is all about.

“Linda’s Birds” could be a long lost Tom Petty tune with its pretty chord progression and obscure subject matter, taking pleasure and interest in the seemingly benign. In fact, most of Tom Paul’s album is about just that, the subtleties and at first innocuous details of your day to day that may end up being your saving grace. Though it’s only Tuesday, there’s enough beauty in the passerby to get you through the week.

As mentioned, Tom Paul sought the help of Nashville drummer Charlie Morgan and Orlando multi-instrumentalist and producer John Mardsen of Little-Big Sound Studios to bring his album to life. Tom Paul also employed the help of several other musicians adding backing vox and saxophone, a very fitting way to bring his songs to life as most of the album’s lyrics are spent paying mind to others. It’s Only Tuesday plays as a great record to start your Tuesday morning commute or played in the backyard on a relaxing day.

Check out Tom Paul's website, and listen to the album on Spotify!

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