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Experimental Rockers 'The Missing Field' Are A Band to Watch

Erie, Pa based instrumental, experimental-rock trio The Missing Field are creating kaleidoscopic, spacey and psychedelic textures in the sonic landscape of acts like Bardo Pond, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, King Crimson, Hammock, This Will Destroy You and The Doors when jamming to their headiest. The project is the brainchild of guitarist Scott McGrath with drummer Michael Milk and synth/bass player Mike Kemp joining him.

The Missing Field’s first release, 2018’s Dreams Cannot Stand This Test, is a sublime and cinematic exploration of space and sonic texture. Evolving into something epic, the album clocks in at one hour and fifteen minutes and is a stellar listen for long, out of body drives and will have you questioning reality with every turn. “Into The Wind Of The Desert Red Rushing” is a great song for kicking yourself into doing whatever lamenting task you’re putting off for the day. Reverse delay guitars soar over thundering drum fills with support from a fuzzy bass line that’ll have you bopping your head all over your chores.

Tomorrow” one of the dreamier tracks on an incredibly ethereal album paces along like a panther eyeing up its prey. Slowly picked guitars guide a vibey drum beat and almost translucent bass line. Album closer Coda(Dream Of Teeth) is one of the more aggressive guitar tracks with an attacking guitar riff and eventually morphs into a jazzy lead that almost puts the song in a different genre.

In 2019 the group put out “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” an ode to one of Hemingway’s finest short stories. It’s always nice when your psych-rock groups are also well read, makes for great riffs. The track breeds upon familiar territory from Dreams Cannot Stand…but explores more sonic territory with Mike Kemp’s synth textures rounding out more ambient ground. The Song builds like newer Explosions In The Sky and backs off like the jazzy, dreamy improvisations of Omar Rodriguez Lopez’s live escapades with the Mars Volta. Clocking in at just under ten minutes, the epic single is longer than many band’s 4 song E.P!

With an expertise in making their craft sound awesome, 2 solid releases under their belt, and an ambitious and hardworking mentality, The Missing Field are certainly a band to keep your eye on.

Support The Missing Field by checking out their website, Bandcamp page, and Instagram! Don't forget to stream!

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