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In Loving Memory: Slave

“Slave” the latest video and single from Urban-Alternative NYC duo In Loving Memory is an upbeat pop rager with a message for everyone pursuing their purpose and making the sacrifices to do so. Vocalist and lyricist Naveed Stone, a first generation Queens native who’s parents immigrated from Bangladesh wants to be “one of the first brown faces in a predominantly white music industry and defy stereotypes.” With a beautifully self-produced mix that bumps Stone’s smooth and clear vocals to the top, “Slave” makes it clear that you can do whatever your heart desires and not succumb to societal, systemic and familial pressure.

Shot throughout the greater New York area, the video sees Naveed crooning and dancing in a variety of locations form rooftops to overpasses and courtyards, showcasing New York’s diverse landscape and is a stellar metaphor highlighting In Loving Memory’s eclectic sound. Naveed’s desire to be more than “just an engineer” is a result of the “music that’s in my veins.” The music in this particular song is triumphant and stadium-esque and brings to mind pop-arena acts like Bastille, Coldplay and even moments from alternative bands like Issues. The band also produced the song entirely on their own and included a great deal of personality in the mixing with stuttered vocals and EDM like buildups into grand pop choruses. The song is also incredibly dynamic and goes from banger to ballad in a seamless and congruent passage of catchy pop excellence.

For anyone who’s ever felt insecure and unable to relate to their heroes, In Loving Memory have crafted a catchy, hopeful and victorious anthem to help you find your wings.

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