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Moths in the Attic: Their Debut LP

Moths in the Attic released their debut self-titled album this fall. FFO Radiohead and Bon Iver “Moths in the Attic” is a delightful and unique twist on folk inspired acoustic music. The record combines electronics with elements of jazz, rock, and folk to create some jaw dropping sounds.

The core members of Moths in the Attic are front-man and creator Zach Fletcher (vocals/guitar), Michael Williams (saxophone), and Kevin Jorrey (percussion), but those aren’t the only instruments that can be heard throughout “Moths in the Attic.” The record features ten different musicians playing a variety of instruments from upright bass to cello. I’ve been enjoying these songs so much because they are so intriguing and dynamic. By that I mean they are the type of songs that make you sit on the edge of their seat waiting for what could come next.

Fletcher’s haunting vocals top off these beautiful arrangements nicely. At times electronics and saxophone chime in at a song’s fullest swing to take over with a wave of sound while at other moments space in sound is the key factor of the music. Crisp, clean, catchy and something that I could imagine being played on the radio, the music coming out of Bowling Green, Ohio is at a whole other level.

As I mentioned earlier these songs are arranged nicely. The ebb and flow of each song is refreshing in an age where many groups have one volume – loud. Their lead single “Forward” is particularly noteworthy, and the band put out a dope music video with some dope editing and great scenery. Definitely worth the 5 minutes it takes to watch. Overall, Moths in the Attic’s have put out a self-titled debut to be proud of. The record is truly a great sounding collection of songs recorded at DLT Studios by Nick De La Torre in Bowling Green, Ohio. Right now you can listen to the album on Bandcamp.

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