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Justin Payne & Co. to Release 45 Vinyl

Over the past two years I can remember seeing multiple social media posts about practicing from Ohio singer and songwriter Justin Payne. Payne was determined to take his guitar playing to the next level and spent countless hours honing his skills. The work he put in is evident by the playing that can be heard on the latest Justin Payne & Co. singles "Season of Loss" and "Dying All the Time." Soulful blues-rock guitar riffs mixed with Payne's Chris Cornell style vocals make these songs sound like instant classics. Seriously. The guitar tones are amazing, with the perfect amount of growl coming from the distortion. Payne masterfully mixes instrumental solo breaks between verses to further emphasize his skill-set. Add thoughtfully placed dynamics to the mix and you're left with two songs that sound made for vinly...if only these songs were available in physical form...OH, wait, that's right! Justin Payne & Co. are coming out with a 7" vinyl release featuring the two singles that you won't want to miss! (Did someone say stocking stuffer?"

To find out more information on the vinyl release, upcoming shows, and the musician himself check out Justin Payne & Co. on Spotify and Facebook!

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