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Props to "Property of Pigeons" - The latest Short Fictions Release

Photo by Owen Lehman

Yooooooo, Short Fiction’s-Pittsburgh’s hardest workin’ and twerkin’ indie/gaze/core/emo(do kids still call bands EmO??)-newest single “Property Of Pigeons” is out and about like the emotions it hurtles at you upon the uppitys and the downsys of like every day in September. This song feels like that awkward but nice malaise fall gets to where it’s not really warm anymore but it’s also not really cold yet and some days suck but they’re not terrible and other days are fun but they’re not like, summer, I guess, right Michael?

What’s really striking about the song though is the consistent dynamic throughout in that it’s sort of inconsistently dynamic. The song comes in hot and heavy with some American Football-esque riffs(sorry, I know, they’re like the only band I know in this jawnruhh) and gets a nice in the pocket groove going before some tasteful caesuras that jar the listener just a bit like those first cold breezes in September on the way to the school bus when Michael, your 4th grade bully is peering at you through the window, eyeing up your ponytail.

And just as soon as we got over the abrupt stops and are diggin’ the vocals and some sprinkly guitar harmonics the song crescendos into a breakdown that would be sure to get both a sweaty basement show and a packed venue indie kid bumpin’ n grindin’ and head bobbin’ and all that good stuff. This song really compliments all the feels of a good DIY core band that doesn’t have to answer to any fat cats tellin’ em how to sound and does what it wants. It’s a perfect tune to stroll through the park where you grew up and when the screaming comes in your intrusive thoughts about Michael pullin’ on your ponytail will vanish just like the crisp autumn breeze nudges your cheek, reminding you you’re alive.

Stream the single anywhere, but here at MUSIPLUG we be heavily biased toward the Spotify.

Link HERE.

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