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Get Spicy, with Moon Cactus

Crack open a nice can of spritz (? What the hell is spritz?) And drink down the newest single, “Spicy Water” from Cleveland multi-instrumentalist Connor Mancini also known as Moon Cactus. Like cracking open a nice can of seltzer the song explodes into an array of sensations as guitar riffs, a hum-tastic bass line and Mancini’s signature trumpet riffs invite your palette to a tasteful sonic arrangement.

“I wanna pop your tab, make you bubble up” Mancini sings in the first verse amidst other soda infused puns and euphemisms. What I’m saying is that lyrically and musically this song is ridiculously fun and brings to mind the lyrical word play of 60’s era singer-songwriters, what with their hippy dippy hyperbole and witty sarcasm, sometimes I just can’t keep up! But Mancini keeps the narrative consistent and even those that favor more digestible lyrics will be able to comprehend what’s going on. It’s really a nice blend of subtext and literal songwriting.

Clocking in at 3 minutes and 14 seconds, which is pi-3.14, another food reference, I wonder how spicy water goes with a slice of pie?-the song is a perfect way to start your day with its head bopping beat and Mancini’s charismatic delivery. Come for the riffs and leave with a catchy tune stuck in your head to get you through your boring day!

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