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Sadder Than U

Teamonade, fresh out of the Bowling Green DIY community, is making waves across the country by doing things differently. Teamonade is definitely a pop punk and rock & roll type band, but they bring so much diversity to their sound that they stand out among their peers. The trio featuring frontwoman Osi Okoro on guitar/vox, TJ Parker on bass, and Ryan Gongaware on drums just released an impressive new single and video today that warrants a view and a listen.

"Sadder Than U" may only be Teamonade's 6th released song to date, but the songwriting talent is still evident. The band's discography is made up of one eclectic jam after another and "Sadder Than U" is no exception to this trend. For me this song sounds a little more commercial than previous songs, but this is not a bad thing. The Aussie-pub-rock style chorus is memorable and energetic, nearly forcing listeners to nod their heads along to the beat. Lastly, while most pop punk/emo DIYers sing solemnly about their emotions and feelings wishing they weren't so sad, Osi wears her emotional state like a badge. "I'm the saddest bitch in the room - *bitch!* I'm sadder than you."

Teamonade is in the final legs of a tour with Citizen front man Mat Kerekes. Check out their socials and see if they're playing near you any time soon. In the meantime stream their music and buy merch if you can, this band is going places!

Sadder Than U

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