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Laziness in the Modern Age

Although "Laziness" is in the title of their new song, Tunnel Songs have been anything but lazy. Yesterday saw the release of "Laziness in the Modern Age," an energetic and catchy emo/pop punk bop that I've listened to dozens of times over the past couple weeks. The band has been hard at work, recording new songs with platinum producer Jim Wirt and adding new members Eric Heald and Jacob Stephens, two talented veterans of the scene. I just saw the trio at CODA Tremont October 24th and they sound just as fantastic live as they do on recording.

"Laziness in the Modern Age" starts with crisp distorted guitar and quickly builds to an anthem of the lazy "I do not want to do anything...I'll just do it tomorrow." It's a feeling to which we all can relate, whether it's from boredom, depression, or a myriad of other reasons, sometimes the best day is tomorrow. Overall the recording is a raw display of talent on all fronts; recording, songwriting, and performance. I implore all of you to feel the "Laziness in the Modern Age." Stream the song everywhere, and be sure to follow Tunnel Songs on social media and your streaming services.

Catch the band tonight at Mahall's in Lakewood!



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