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Bess IV: Temporary

You ever wonder what it’d be like if Kid Cudi and all of Animal Collective banged? Like full on up in the studio just stuck their music parts in each other’s music parts and ya know, jiggity jiggitied? We all know it’s mad fun to use our imaginations but this dude from Cleveland who goes by Bess IV beat everybody to the punch and I think he did it all by himself. “Temporary” the newest single from multimedia artist Bess IV is a trippy as heck, jittering, gajooling, ebbing and swerving psych bop that’ll have you tappin’ your foot and double checking to make sure the walls aren’t melting.

Falsetto, Panda Bear drip vocals welcome in a tasteful drop and eventually Bess’ tender delivery. This is where we get a little bit of Cudi with Bess using a confident flow but revealing lyrics that were probably buried in a journal or iPhone notes or wherever it is kids write nowadays. Bess then opts for cool panning effects that work as hooks rather than synth leads, giving the song a feeling like there’s a ghost in the room with you or maybe that’s the acid talking. And like, I didn’t even drop, this song is just that trippy.

Bess’ “Temporary” bops as both a headphone jam for the walk home after a long day doing whatever it is you don’t really like doing but it puts the burritos in the belly or it could also slay in the car on the way to the club. It’s a perfect driving at night through the city song. In fact, it would’ve been tight in the movie ‘Drive.’ If Ryan Gosling makes another Drive and he can’t get Cudi or AC he should hit up Bess. Or maybe just hit up Bess to begin with cuz this kids makin’ bangers!

Temporary Stream:

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