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Check Out Dysplay's New Single "Dream"

Dysplay just released a brand new indie pop jam on Friday (8/2). Equipped with an accompanying music video, "Dream" is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the Los Angeles based indie rock duo. Eric Scullins and Devin Hoffman create energetic and catchy songs that fans of bands like Reptaliens and Passion Pit will seriously groove to!

Driven by synths and Scullin's exuberant vocals "Dream" is upbeat and loud enough to stick in your ears for days. The song has the type of vibe that would pair nicely with an episode of Stranger Things. (Take a listen and try not to think about Eleven!) The dream mentioned in the title of the song is to get back with a former lover. Unfortunately for the singer, getting back together is only a dream because of what they've done in the past to complicate the personal relationship. Not that that would stop them from trying to make things work. It's a feeling most of us can relate to at some point. Loving isn't easy, but I love "Dream" and must have listened to it a dozen times by now. I still seem to notice something new that catches my attention every time. Take a listen on your platform of choice here.

(photo credit: Gordon Yould/Julien Rubat)

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