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Mikie Mayo: Florida in the Winter

Philadelphia Emo Hip-Hop artist Mikie Mayo just put out another single today through Try Less Records. Produced by Wilson, Gregory and Mikie Mayo (with additional help from Plead the Filth) "Florida in the Winter" follows up Mikie Mayo's Beautiful Mess EP (2019) and is a beautiful elegy to times past.

The reverb and delay laden intro sets the stage for reflection leading up to the drop - "Florida in the winter brings out the worst in me..." Mayo confesses. The alluring ebb and flow of musical elements during the song draw me in every time, constantly waiting for more. "Turning people I love into my enemies" - We have all had destructive moments in our lives, but we also have the power to improve ourselves and get to a point where we can look back and thank God we've changed. Mikie Mayo's story is proof and he has been on fire with all the great music he has put out this year.

"Florida in the Winter" is available on all streaming services along with Mikie Mayo's other music. Be sure to follow Mikie on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify so you stay in the loop with what's coming next!

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