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Check out Iris' latest single "Wait"

Three months ago we featured Stevie Nicks-esque pop-rock-star-in-the-making Iris for the release of her debut single "Crazy." Today Iris is back with another killer single and music video. "Wait" instantly makes me feel nostalgic with the washy sounding rhythmic acoustic guitar intro. Listeners are quickly hit by Iris' commanding vocals that pick the song up and push it into the first chorus. The accompanying video only solidifies my feelings of nostalgia. It features Iris singing in the midst of beautiful rolling hills covered in yellow flower blooms. Viewers are transported to what seems like a time long past, the video is edited to look like an old family video from the 80's or 90's.

Iris sings about losing something too soon. "I'm not ready to stop loving you" Iris pleads, perhaps to a former lover. It is a feeling to which we all can relate. Whether it be the loss of a family member, a pet, or a relationship, things often end before we are ready and all we can do is plead, "wait." My favorite part of the song is toward the end when everything drops out except Iris' vocals, this time expanded by a synth-esque vocal filter that adds harmony and depth to her words. I know I will definitely be listening to this all weekend as I drive around doing summer activities, you should to!





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