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Mark Dylan Serves Up a Summer Jam

A lot of good new music came out this past weekend but you won't want to miss the latest single from Mark Dylan! Dylan's latest work, "Heart's on Vacation," is a hip new pop-rock single that Mark Dylan put out in a collaboration with Sam Bierman. "Heart's on Vacation" incorporates synths and electronics to create a modern New Wave sound that makes me want to move. It is fitting that the music video, directed by Dylan and filmed/edited by Benny Commas, features a Jazzercise class "jazzercising" along to the beat of the music. The dance studio location and the lighting look really good on camera - there's a nice contrast between the darker dance studio and lighter backgrounds for the Mark Dylan solo shots. Always a great thing when music videos and their respective songs seem like they belong together.

There's a lot that I like about "Heart's on Vacation." The song is dynamic in more ways than just volume. Verses start stripped down - just the bass, drum track, and a faint airy synth backing up Mark Dylan's vocals. As the verse goes on, keys, guitar, and cymbals join in the mix to lead up to the bridge and chorus. All of the vocal harmonies sound awesome and there is some great instrument playing as well. It is nice to listen to a song and constantly be introduced to new elements. No Mark Dylan song would be complete without a legendary guitar solo. This time Dylan starts with a minimalist approach bending and holding out notes, letting the ambient synth changes push the song before going full blown rock star mode over part of the final chorus.

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Photo by Benny Commas

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