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Suitcase Runaway's New Video Will 'Strike a Nerve'

Fans of bands like The Fray, American Football, Twenty One Pilots, and Tigers Jaw will 'Strike a Nerve' with Suitcase Runaway's newest single and music video. A re-release from the Cleveland-based four piece's first album Short Stories, Vol. II , "Strike a Nerve" shows how far the band has come over the last two years. The overall sound of the song and ensemble is much fuller and more produced with individual instrumental parts sounding much cleaner and crisper than before.

My initial reaction upon watching the first thirty-or-so seconds of the "Strike a Nerve" music video; "Wow, this is soothing!" The semi-minimalist video fits the song very well and focuses in on the relationship between nature and mankind. "This is me, this is what I look like" - Suitcase Runaway performs the song on flower laden instruments, sending across the message 'we are all amazing and beautiful the way we are.' The video was done really well and it is cool to see it accomplished through local, DIY type means. (See the bottom of the article for full credits).

Improvement is one of the hallmarks of a good rock band. Suitcase Runaway has left me wanting to hear more with this new release. Be sure to follow Suitcase Runaway on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify so you stay up to date with the band's shows and upcoming releases. I just have one question, when is the next album coming?

Video Credits:

"Strike a Nerve" by Suitcase Runaway

Direction: Mary Clare Kunkel & Nickolas Davenport

Set Design: Mary Clare Kunkel

Videography: Brandon Coello & Geoff Webb

Editing: Geoff Webb

Engineering and Mixing: Jared Muller

Mastering: James Kananen

"Huge shoutout to Capital University for the CapTV studio, Tri-C for the recording studio, and Columbus' Park of Roses for the, well, roses; Mary-Clare Kunkel, Brandon Coello, and our bassist Geoff Webb for the incredible set design and videography; our keyboardist Jared Muller for the beautiful audio mixing, and our singer/guitarist Nick Davenport for the artistic guidance. Another thanks to Anne-Marie Crawmer {@manytinylines, check her out} for the incredible drawing for the cover of the single, and our drummer Luke Condrich for marrying her drawing with the picture to create the final product. We couldn't have done it without any of you!

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