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It's "Summer Time" with Otis Julius

DIY punk rapper Otis Julius has done it again with a charming new video and song. "Summer Time" features verses from Otis and Young Cello as they celebrate the change of seasons at a pool party bash! Grilling, drinking cool-aid, and floating around on a pink flamingo are just a few things taking place in the video to make you yearn for some time outside with friends. The video is done really well and features some great camera work. Directed by Amanda Rouse, the video starts with aerial footage over a beautiful house that focuses in on a flamingo riding Otis Julius alone in a pool. Things pop off from 0-100 when Otis is suddenly surrounded by his whole squad who appear to be having the time of their life. According to Otis even with all the cool camera angles the scene that took the longest to film was the two second cool-aid poor that hits at 0:52. Syncing up a good cool-aid dust pour and the camera work proved to be tricky and ended up taking half an hour to film! Overall, the video and song were both done really well and I suggest you check them both out and follow Otis Julius on Spotify and his social media pages!

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