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"I Can't" - The Latest Single From Cassidy King

It's Friday, which always means a slew of new music for all of us to listen to. Today I highly recommend you check out Cassidy King's new single "I Can't." The infectious pop song is bursting with warm vibes and is bound to be a summer anthem for many. "I Can't" starts off with a quiet synth line featuring King's voice and builds into the chorus with a bang. King, a 21-year-old Cleveland resident explains the song is "about going along with the warm summer feeling, that same feeling of warmth represents the honeymoon stage of a relationship to me. This song captures that stage where you just became intrigued by that certain someone and you're doing absolutely anything to get their attention.”

Follow Cassidy on Instagram and go stream "I Can't" on the platform of your choosing. It's on them all!

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