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Otis Julius: Chasing Dreams

I loved DIY artists. There is something golden about the come-up process and seeing someone do everything in their power to make their musical dreams a reality. Otis Julius is the epitome of DIY, making music, releasing content, and traveling across the world for shows on his own willpower and dime. Currently a Caldwell, Idaho hip-hop artist with punk and hardcore roots Otis is making his own genre-blending style of music that is truly unique and inspiring. If you check out his new music video for Chasing Dreams you will see (and hear) what I mean. In true DIY fashion almost the entire music video was shot on a cell phone (iphone X), which is incredibly impressive given that most of the video includes three versions of Otis at the same time passing lyrics back and forth. The video was shot in just three days and includes thirteen different sets of clothes as well as thirteen different pairs of shoes. The MusiPlug fave outfit award goes to 1:35 Otis (the red boi in the middle). I love me some adidas outerwear – very flossy. If you like the video and song, be sure to check out Otis Julius’ website and go over to Spotify and smash that follow button. It’s important that us DIY kids stick together now. Go out and chase those dreams!

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