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Cloe Wilder Releases Debut Single "Overthinking"

Cloe Wilder

Photo by Chalisa Singh

Allow me to introduce you to Cloe Wilder, a prolific song writer from Tampa, Florida who is just now breaking onto the scene. Cloe first began making a name for herself through her YouTube channel. The singer posted a series of cover songs from artists like Halsey, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish which have all accumulated tens of thousands of views. Yesterday Cloe dropped her first original song "Overthinking" and it is a jam! "Overthinking" is a dark pop song with a minimalist sound that really highlights Cloe's powerful yet soothing voice. Oh, and she's only thirteen(!) which makes Cloe the youngest MusiPlug feature to date. It's really impressive to see someone so young taking these first few leaps into her career. We did a quick Q&A with Cloe that you should totally read while you listen to "Overthinking" at your streaming platform of choice. Enjoy!

Q: What age did you first start music? You're only 13 and you are already releasing your first single, would you say being young is more of a positive or something that holds you back?

A: I don’t think there was an age or a moment of realization for me. I just never questioned anything. I wanted that to be my life. I would say it’s mainly something that holds me back - if I were 20 and playing a label my music, I know that the response would be different. That’s okay, though, because I would much rather know what I wanted to do at 13, instead of starting to figure it out at 20.

Q: What inspired "Overthinking?"

A: "Overthinking" is a very blatant record, and I really like that. We wrote that song purely off the title, off of a night full of it. It was 2:00 am, I was a puddle of a human, and I had taken three showers. Nothing could help. I didn’t sleep that night. Surprisingly, some of my best material comes out when I’m emotionally, and physically, exhausted.

Q: Who inspired your sound? Are there any musicians that you model yourself after?

A: "Overthinking" is an earlier record of mine, and I’ve written probably 100 songs since then. I’ve changed so much. It’s an odd feeling releasing this one, but I like it. Amy Winehouse, The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Lana Del Rey are behind my current sound.

Q: What comes next? Are you playing any shows? Releasing a music video?

A: A lot is happening - I’m so excited! The "Overthinking" music video is being released very soon, more covers were filmed, and I’ve spent this whole week creating new originals with my amazing team. A lot of cool stuff is happening.

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