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Listen to Gretchen Pleuss' "Daughter of the Broader Skies"

Back in November we featured Gretchen Pleuss’ first single off her new album “Daughter of the Broader Skies.” Today, after months of waiting “Daughter of the Broader Skies” is finally available for streaming everywhere. For fans looking for something more tangible CDs and other merch are available over on Merch Bucket. The twelve-song release was recorded right here in Cleveland, Ohio at Superior Sound Studios by platinum producer Jim Wirt. About a years-worth of work was put into the production and release of this album and it shows. “Daughter of the Broader Skies” is evocative and heartfelt from start to finish and gives fans a taste of Gretchen’s perspective as she searches for a sense of belonging. Gretchen’s soothing voice and crisp guitar lines guide the listener along her journey of self-discovery, femininity, heartbreak, and injustice. There is something for everybody on “Daughter of the Broader Skies,” this album comes with my highest recommendation. Don’t forget to follow Gretchen on social media so you can keep up to date with her music and performances!

Photo by Thornburg Creative




Daughter of the Broader Skies

  1. If You Saw Me Now

  2. Everybody’s Pretty

  3. Sheepish

  4. Unpack

  5. Songbird

  6. Daughter of the Broader Skies

  7. Borders

  8. Open Doors

  9. Rainy Days

  10. Metals

  11. Dark Clouds

  12. One For All

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