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Jon Haggerty's New Single "Fallout" is Mystifying

Photo by Thiago Muller

California based singer-songwriter Jon Haggerty is back with another new single and it is a must listen! Released through Sun & Sky Entertainment, “Fallout” is about as mystifying as a pop song can get. Stream the song on your platform of choice or check out the new lyric video and you will soon see what I mean. The track begins with Jon’s clear and chilling voice delicately floating above ambient reverb and echo laden chords. The listener is soon alleviated from the initial feeling of weightlessness as “Fallout” builds with drum and bass tracks creating momentum that fluctuates along with the dynamics of the song. This track will leave you reflecting on love lost and the turmoil of humanity and despite the serious lyrical content is a must add to any “chill vibes” playlist. “Fallout” is Jon Haggerty’s second single of 2019 following his captivating single “Backbone” and 2018’s “Selective Hearing” LP. Follow Jon on social media and Spotify to stay updated on new music and upcoming shows!

The Official "Fallout" Lyric Video

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