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Alex Stanilla: Try Less Club's Latest Release

Today I’m excited to write about something a little closer to home. My friend Alex Stanilla just released his music video for the single “Dog Sweater.” The song, which is re-released from his LP Qualia (2017), was originally written with hip hop influences from freestylers Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and Fredo Santana. With “Dog Sweater” Alex wanted to write a song about the first thing that popped in his head. Over the past two years of performing “Dog Sweater” Stanilla has found his way to this recorded version of the song, and it is original and fantastic!

Released through the new Try Less Records the music video shows an inside look into the life of a mime. From playing volleyball, fencing, doing cpr, and eating a sandwich Alex delivers a wholehearted and amusing performance. “Dog Sweater” was mixed by Carnival Light Recording, mastered by Tyler Garrett at Seventh Wave Studios, and Shot/Directed/Edited by Mikie Mayo (another Try Less-er who makes an appearance in the video). Additional Cinematography was done by Katie Trainer. All in all “Dog Sweater” is sure to get you to smile and is a music video you will not want to miss! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow Alex on Spotify! Keep an eye out for his re-mixed and re-mastered release of his LP Qualia this June.

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