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Ongaku; The Latest Offering from Biscuit Merchant

It's been about a year since we last heard from solo metal project Biscuit Merchant. Fans will be pleased to hear about the announcement of his latest album Ongaku which is set to be released March 19, 2019. Ongaku is the Japanese word for music and the characters are seen pictured on the album cover. The name was chosen because of recent happenings in Biscuit Merchants personal life. "The title Ongaku was chosen because of the two major life decisions I made in 2018. The first was to really dive into studying Japanese, which reignited my love for learning and eventually teaching, to finally taking the plunge and becoming a music teacher full time. I've always loved the word, so there was no better time to use it." Today we give you the first single from the album titled “Guide My Soul.” In comparison to Biscuit Merchants last album Nature Rejoices, Ongaku is much heavier and shows improvement in just about every aspect. The vocals are fuller and the album features more of the good merchant’s screaming, which has become a lot more polished. On top of that, boy does this album SHRED. Don’t believe me? Check out the first single from the album “Guide My Soul” and prepare yourself for March 19th! More news and information coming to MusiPlug for the release, stay tuned!

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