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"Surrender" by Rule of Young is a Must Listen

Rule of Young are a hot new progressive pop group based in Cleveland, Ohio. Their debut single “Surrender” features instrumental talent as well as female and male split vocals. In just a month the single has amassed nearly 40,000 streams on Spotify and it is easy to hear why. “Surrender” is defined by infectious vocal melodies accented with tasteful string lines and superior drumming on top of a beautiful grand piano. The track was produced my multi-platinum producer Jim Wirt and was recorded at Superior Sound Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. Rule of Young features Catherine Calabrese on lead vocals, Nico Conti on keys/backup vocals, Kevin Thompson on upright bass/backup vocals, and Angelo Antorini on drums/percussion. This group has a ton of talent and big plans for the future. Their next show is this Saturday, February 9th at Cleveland Urban Winery. Rule of Young will also be playing at The Beachland Ballroom February 26th and at Negative Space in Cleveland May 17th! Catch a show and stream their song!


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