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Five Years of After Hours Radio

Five years-ago in the DIY music co-ops outside the University of Michigan five friends started a band that is still going strong today. This Saturday January 12 is After Hour Radio’s 5th anniversary and they are celebrating with a show you won’t want to miss. The show is at Club Above in Ann Arbor, MI and features Stop Watch, Summer Like the Season, and Approachable Minorities. Tickets for the show are available via Eventbrite.

Fans of bands like Muse and Incubus will want to check out one of After Hours Radios’s three releases on Spotify. After Hours Radio have released two EPs and a single during their career with the most recent release, “What Happened?”, coming in 2017. Their groovy, bluesy, alt rock jams are fun and draw from multiple genres making them the ultimate musical melting pot. If you’re in Ann Arbor this weekend go out to Club Above and celebrate 5 years with After Hours Radio. 5 year anniversaries only come once you know.

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