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No One Cares About American Spirits (Except the People Who Do)

The long awaited second EP from American Spirits is almost here.  At midnight tonight the band releases their 2nd EP No One Cares About Your Band on streaming services everywhere.  In addition the EP is available for pre-order and purchase on CD and cassette through Flip It Over Records.

No One Cares About Your Band was recorded by Steven Warstler in the home studio of Toledo music legend Mat Kerekes.  Warstler, who also recorded American Spirits’ first EP Nowhere Near Perfect is an experienced engineer and producer who gained recognition performing with Toledo band Secret Space.  American Spirits are a big fan of Secret Space’s sound and could not imagine a more perfect fit for recording their music.  No One Cares About Your Band is an EP that rocks through and through, capturing the current state of the band’s metamorphosis.   

No One Cares About Your Band is a statement.  We live in a time where bands across the world have unprecedented access to a means of music production and release.  With so many bands saturating the market it is easy to get lost in the buzz-American Spirits understand that a lot of bands do similar stuff.  “When you first start a band, nobody cares about you except for your friends and they shouldn’t even have to care...we get that no one will care about our band unless we make them care” explains guitarist Dillon Vanzandt.  American Spirits are doing just that – making people care.  Their songs have meaning, they are genuine people, they put on great shows, and they have started a following here in the Midwest. 

The songs on this EP are awesome.  They sound thought out, practiced, and polished and you can hear the vision in the music.  I loved the first EP, and all of the guitar, drum, vocal, and bass parts on this EP have done nothing but build upon American Spirits’ strong foundation.  The track listing is as follows:

The opening track Cicada hits hard, or "song slap" as the kids say these days.  The song is about a friend that singer Trey Miles had growing up.  The friend ended up being the first openly gay person Trey ever new.  Being from a small town, Trey recalls his friend’s struggles to find purpose and belonging in a place where he felt unaccepted.  More or less at some point we all go through this same process of trying to find a place to be ourselves.  Love is the key.  

MXC, the second single released by American Spirits was inspired by “Most Extreme Challenge,” a popular Japanese game show where contestants must complete bizarre and comical physical challenges.  Trey said “Lyrically it’s about times I’ve hurt myself or done stupid stuff.”  Sometimes it is best to slow down, take a deep breath and think to avoid doing something dumb. 

Letter To My Future Self is about something we are all probably familiar with.  Once upon a time in 5th grade our teachers had us write a letter to our future selves that we would read some time in our 20’s.  Usually the letters contain all of the hopes and dreams any 5th Grader would have for themselves.  Trey’s wasn’t much different “The letter basically said “I hope you’re perfect and don’t smoke or drink” and made me cry because I’m completely different that who I projected myself to be at this time in my life.”  The beauty of it is that most of the time things turn out different than we plan and that's okay.  You just gotta roll with the punches...besides, what does a fifth grader know about being an adult?  Maybe booze and pot aren't quite as bad as we all DAREd to believe them to be...

Don’t Speak is an energetic song about commitment featuring probably the catchiest chorus of the whole EP “Know I’ll do everything for you.”  Everything including getting this song stuck in your head, beware!

ADHD is the long awaited professional recording of the beloved fan favorite.  The song is short, sweet, and reminiscent of the best of Cage the Elephant.  ADHD is the perfect musical remedy for the upcoming wintry blues that we inevitably experience every year.  You can blast the song while jumping around your house in your underwear, imagining yourself in the front row of a Spirits show.  That should cheer you right on up, and it TOTALLY isn't weird.    

You’ve read about the EP and you know the tracks, now go out and buy/stream this bad boy at midnight because you will NOT want to sleep on this. 

American Spirits are:

Conor - Drums

Trey - Vocals

Dillon - Guitar

Bails - Bass





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