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Perfect Girl

If Rush and BadBadNotGood had a baby the result would be something like Perfect Girl. Hailing from Akron, Ohio the trio performs funky prog rock tunes that are sure to get your foot tapping.

(Photo Sean Morton)

Perfect Girl is Tony Batey on bass & vocals, Sam Holik on guitar, and Jake Ross on drums. Their latest release This Next One’s a Big Two-Parter: Live from WRUW can be found on their bandcamp page. The live recording was done as a part of WRUW’s Live From Cleveland series and features seven original Perfect Girl jams. In addition the band has an album available on Spotify for streaming – Spice Pictures: The Shape of Vapor Punk to Come.

I'm a big fan of the Prefect Girl style. There is a lot to take in for just a three man ensemble. The music is eclectic and both familiar and different at the same time. Punk, rock, jam, and jazz all come together with progressive elements. The live WRUW recording sounds polished, so these guys have got to be great live. Batey's vocals are the icing on the cake. His range is impressive as he sings with a full soulful voice and often changes things up by singing in falsetto all while funking out on the bass.

You can catch Perfect Girl next at Happy Dog Euclid on November 10th and “Bless This Mess” house for a house show.

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