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Jams For Your Weekend: Mark Dylan, Benji Katz, & Tree No Leaves

The past couple of months have seen a lot of new music releases with roots tracing back to Bowling Green, Ohio. Mark Dylan, a graduate of Bowling Green State University released his debut EP "Loft Sessions" in August. Benji Katz, a recent BGSU student who completed his masters in Creative Writing released a debut EP as well titled "Swarm Sounds." Bowling Green local jam band Tree No Leaves released a new LP "Prophet Holographic". All three of these releases are unique and awesome, so dive in before Yandhi drops!

Mark Dylan: Loft Sessions

Mark Dylan's debut features his strong songwriting and guitar skills in a fun and innovative way. As suggested by the title, the six track EP was recorded live in a loft in Brooklyn, New York. The EP is paired with professional video footage of the live concert turned studio release which is shot and edited by Nolan Ritter. The EP and accompanying videos feature solo performances as well as songs with a full band accompaniment. Some tracks sound reminiscent of King Krule if he were a classically trained vocalist while others remind me of Prince and Michael Jackson. I love the songs, the concept, and the delivery of Loft Sessions. This EP has a lot to offer to listeners so I highly recommend checking it out.

Benji Katz: Swarm Sounds

This bass centric EP is sure to appeal to fans of music and literature. The poet and songwriter delivers an EP that is somewhere between a collection of songs and a collection of poems. Not quite spoken word and not quite rap the minimalist songs draw influences from both arts and meld into something uniquely Benji. From the NFL National Anthem scandal to moving out of his long time college house the lyrics are relevant and relatable. Katz enlisted the help of local drummers Billie Gruber and JP Stebal IV as well as violinist Kathleen Schnerer. The EP is available for stream everywhere and for purchase on CD baby. Enjoy!

Tree No Leaves: Prophet Holographic

Tree No Leaves' fifth LP is also their best. Professionally recorded at The Mohawk Studio in Sandusky, Ohio, Prophet Holographic is the sum of countless hours of practice and matured song writing. The songs are fun, energetic, and a good representation of the band's live performances. Released in collaboration with The Mohawk Studio and Grounds for Thought the album is available for streaming on all platforms in addition to vinyl. Don't sleep on this release and be sure to catch one of their shows - TNL is next level!

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